Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well it's a new year. Prayers to you and your for a peaceful and joyous 2009. We celebrated the ending of 2008 by staying home and watching some Iron Man and The Hulk. They ended just in time to have J watch the Jonas Brothers sing and to watch the ball drop.

This year started off early by heading off to Mass, grabbing a few things at Albertsons and then heading out to my folks' place. The boys watched football of course and my mom and I cooked. I made the best pumpkin-cheesecake muffins and my mom made a tex mix. It was perfect first day of the year food. B, I, and A also came over. after we ate we took the kids outside to play at "the park". They all had tons of FUN. J even conquered his fear of heights by sliding down the fire pole. WAY TO GO BIG GUY.

Okay as far as resolutions go of course I want to get in better shape and loose weight. No big surprise there. I think I did good today I only drank water, ate only 1 muffin and had a big salad w/o any dressing with my chili. But this year I also want to try and take 1 picture a day. like I said try. I know I'll sure to miss a few days even weeks but I want to capture a 2009 in a different way. So today at the park I took a few pictures::
J conquering his fear
J and A going down the slide. He's so silly. He was having a great time doing it earlier but right now all he wanted was to be held by his Mom. Looks like they're going down the Log Ride. WEEEEEEE


  1. WTG for the fire pole! I can't get mine to do that!! Great action shots!

  2. It took him awile. I had to tell him the only way to get down was to pray and conquer.


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