Monday, January 5, 2009


Yesterday, Jan. 4 2009 we had a great Monopoly match between Grandpa and J. It is a well known fact in our family that Grandpa is very competitive when it comes to Monopoly. He doesn't care about your age he will take you down. The kids are also very competitive, so when we got the Electrical Monopoly for Christmas J was excited to play Grandpa. He brought it with him to Grandpa and Grandma's house on New Year's Day. But Football was the only thing on all the other guy's minds. Grandma called on Sat and said they were sorry they never got to play Monopoly and that they wanted to get together on Sun. So they came over to our house after Mass. Grandpa took a power nap while the kids and Grandma made chocolate chip cookies. As soon as the cookies were done he was ready to play. We were going to play the new electronic Monopoly but I never did read the rules on how it works so we played the Here and Now version. Grandpa bought the first houses and it was down hill from then on. J was doing great too. We all tried to land on J to die but we all ended landing on Grandpa's infamous hotels. The game ended with just Grandpa and J going head to head, but since we all landed on Grandpa he had almost all the properties. Poor J fought a good fight rolling doubles a few times to escape but you can't mess with a power nap. J ended up landing on the horrible property that we all met our fate at. What a good game! A rematch was already been mentioned, but Grandpa isn't allowed a power nap.
The Beginning
The End
What pic should I use for my POTD???

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  1. Monopoly was always one of my all-time favorite games. Nice "slice-of-life" photos!


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