Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm a bad mom

Well today I've been the bad evil mom. I'm having the kids clean their rooms. Evil right. They have so much stuff it drives me nuts. I hate stepping on stuff when I walk in their rooms. I told them that if I step on anything it's going into the trash or to Salvation Army.

Before I unleashed my evil punishment I took a picture of our growing chart. I normally mark how much the kids have grown on their birthdays and on New Years. Well I forgot yesterday until they were already asleep in bed so this morning they got another mark on the wall.


  1. Thanks, We been doing it forever-Never thoght to take a picture of it before.

  2. Great shot-I love it when people do this! I wish my parents would have with my bro and me. Then again, we really couldn't because we moved a lot growing up. But it's still neat to see.

  3. I wish my parents had done this while I was growing up!

  4. LOVe the marks on the wall. i have some memories of doing that as a kid! i really should do that wiht my girls!


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