Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missed Pics.

Tonight we are going to J's Pack party. He will be getting his Arrow of Light tomorrow. So I'll post today's picture tomorrow after the party.

But I did promise to post the pictures for the day I had missed.
015/365 Tonight is Bunco Night. The theme was "Unwanted Christmas Gift" We had so much fun S came to. Thanks to him we were the big winners. we won $55.

016/365 Let's do our Nails 38x- Yep 38 bottles of nail polish. I don't know why so many, but J loves to do her nails, so we are always looking for a new color. Our newest find was a metallic purple.

017/365 Santa Ana River-Today was so much fun the kids and I went for a hike. We went to one park that I thought the river was at but it wasn't. No loss the kids had fun playing. Then we went to the Nature Center. Right place but we didn't go far enough. I really wanted the kids to see the river so as we were driving over it on the freeway, I pulled over and took a few shots still in the car.( I didn't want to get out and look like a crazy person).
018/365 Making Ladybugs- I caught J doing her nails. She had painted red and was adding the red for her ladybugs.
019/365 I forgot- Today I forgot to take any pictures until almost 9pm. I was flipping the channels and the Kids Ball was on and so were the Jonas Brother's ( J's favorite) So here is Nick


  1. That is a LOT of nailpolish. Are they are still good? such a variety of shots.

  2. Great photos, I esp. like the river one!!

  3. Love the shot of the dice, and I'm amazed at all that nail polish. Wow!

  4. Oh the Jonas Brothers (heart melting) My DD loves those guys. Sigh....

    Great compilation of photos.


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