Thursday, March 6, 2014


Today's photo challenge is VIRTUE. This was a hard one to come up with as far as getting something that portrays VIRTUE on film; and then it hit me. My teenage daughter wears a tank top EVERYDAY. What a tank top? How is that have anything to do with VIRTUE? Well let me tell you. She wears one under her regular tops everyday. She makes sure everything that needs to be covered is covered. She has a ton of them. It's kind of fun to shop for them too, we found a store that has them for $1 once a month so we search for any colors or patterns that she doesn't have yet. She makes sure they are the right color to match the top she would wear with it. Best of all she is the one who thought to do this. It is so much apart of her style that any regular top we do buy we make sure she has a coordinating tank to go on under it.

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