Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Lenten season. 40 days to examine my life. To Pray. To Fast. To Give Alms. Yeah I know I should be doing all those things anyway, and I do but this is the time to check myself. Not for a day or even a week but for 40 days, to change me for the better. To do more in LOVE with GOD and to THANK HIM in ALL that I SAY and DO.
As a way for me to document my journey this Lent I joined a 40 day photo challenge. I know that doesn't seem very life changing but it's just a part of what I'll be doing this Lent. Today's word is DUST. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures but nothing conveyed what I wanted until I went to the front door and turned around and saw what people see when they first step into my home. An old vanity passed down to me from my Mom who got from one of her sisters.
The hole and the dust kind of symbolize my life. I know with the Lords guidance and my working hard all will be healed. So I thought I was done with my DUST photo challenge, but GOD had other plans. As I was walking into the office I saw my Bible by the computer, with guess what on it. Yep DUST. I immediately started dusting my Bible, and then it HIT me to take a picture. There is a reason for the hole and dust in my life, and the way to fix it is to open the Bible and pray.

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