Thursday, March 13, 2014


Isn't it amazing when life and something like a photo challenge go hand in hand. Today's challenge word is TALENT and today was also my son's WRESTLING BANQUET. When I say my son isn't a sports guy I mean I have to force him to watch any sport let along participate is not an exaggeration. The only sport  he does like is baseball but he's not as into as he was when he was little, so when he was asked to join the school's FIRST wrestling team and he jumped at it it took us all by surprise. Not only did he join the wrestling team he made the Varsity Team. I'll never forget his FIRST match,
 so far everybody on his team had lost, they weren't planning on winning they were there to get their feet wet and do the best they could with only two weeks of practice. Well J went up and lasted all 6 minutes and would have gone longer but the referee noticed he didn't have a mouth piece (we hadn't got it yet) so the match was over. I was so PROUD of him. He truly FOUGHT and took what he LEARNED and UTILIZED it. 
Tonightreceived his VARSITY LETTER. To say I am proud of him is not saying enough.

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