Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy St. Patrick's Day. I know a lot of people celebrate this day by drinking GREEN beer but here we had left over BBQ pork chops and the only thing that screamed that it was St. Patrick's Day was the extra GREEN Key Lime cake my daughter made. 
To say that she likes to bake in SOLITUDE is an understatement. 1) She LOVES to bake and gets upset if we even try- it's her thing and I love that she likes to do it. 2) She also only bakes with nobody in the kitchen or even in the living room for that matter. To take this picture I had to be 10 feet away and then promise to leave as soon as it was taken. 
Alone with her tunes and a mixer, making a cake she won't even eat because she doesn't like Key Lime. She is truly an amazing young lady. Giving without asking what's in it for me. Oh and since she thought the Key Lime wasn't GREEN enough she added more GREEN food coloring for us. 

  Ahh and the mess left behind. Good thing she as dishes tonight after her homework is done .

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