Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It is so fitting that PURPLE was the photo challenge today. My first PURPLE moment was while getting into the truck to take the kids to school today there was a patch of a RAINBOW in the sky. Sure there was a little moisture in the air from the night before and when I say little I mean hardly any and here in Southern California our Winter has been a HOT one. Heck yesterday was 82 and today should be about the same so to see a RAINBOW was a pleasant surprise to say the least. It reminded of the GREAT FLOOD and that I needed to water my yard. But back to the GREAT FLOOD and my PATCH of a RAINBOW, it just reminded me GOD LOVES US SO MUCH and HE WILL NEVER ABANDON US. So where does PURPLE  and LENT come into play here? During Lent we go on our own personal walk with the LORD and sometimes we forget that He's there to SHOW US THE WAY kind of like how PURPLE isn't seen in the RAINBOW but we know IT'S THERE so to is JESUS.  The picture below is the sky this morning.     
My second PURPLE moment was on the way to Boy Scouts. The SUNSET was a beautiful light violet. It was breathtaking, sadly I didn't have my camera but it was a good reminder to CONTINUE the JOURNEY and to NOT GIVE UP.  

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