Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Life as we know can get a little out of control, we have so much on our plates these days. I know for me it's a wonder that I ever get some one on one time with the kids. I was blessed these past 2 days to spend some time with my son (my daughter is off on a 13 college tour with her high school).  After he came home from a weekend of camping we had about 3 hours to relax before we went to Sunday night Mass. We normally don't go to Sunday night Mass so when we showed up 15 minutes late I felt awful. Good thing we still had 15 minutes to go to the other Catholic church in our area. We made it just in time.
Today we spent the day kind of doing our own thing. I had to do my weekly menu and other fun housework, My son was going to mow the lawn but decided to sleep in and relax in his room. He said he's do the yard at 5. I thought for sure he was going to try and brush it off for another day but 5 o'clock rolled around and sure enough he got up and started the yard. The dog and I went and got the mail and then hung out outside for awhile but then went inside so we wouldn't get in my son's way.
Now my son could have done the bare minimum but he didn't. Instead he got out the weed-whacker and then he pulled out the rake (that's his sister's job).  The pride I felt. Well you could just imagine. Most teenagers don't like doing their own work yet alone volunteer to do their sibling's work. I went outside and told him I was going to take him out to dinner. His first question was, was it in the budget.  I told him it was, we had the best dinner from Panda Express and had an even better time together.

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