Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, the kids have been on Spring Break no since Mon. and they still have another week to go. What are we going to do for 2 weeks you ask. Well we decided to get annual passes to Disneyland. Why Disneyland. Well for 1 it's the happiest place on Earth. 2 For the price of a vacation they are about the same, and now we can go almost anytime we want. 3 Disney has this deal now that for your birthday you get to go free!!! Well that sounds good but that means we would still have to shell out $200 per birthday just so we could go as a family. So $800 later we would be thinking we should have bought the passes. So needless to say yesterday we shelled out $1135 for 4 passes. We had to end up getting the Deluxe pass because the other 2 CA passes suck. You can't go at all during the summer and 2 of our 4 birthdays were blocked. Hello. So now on our birthdays we get a $65 gift card to be used that day. No problem, we could do that. So who else wants to join us at Disneyland.

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