Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Play Ball !!!!

Over the Line. 3 little words that mean so much to our family. Over the line means family, picnics, dreams and of course the Big Inning of baseball season. We all had a great time playing and watching. The rules are simple: bring food to share, bring your game, and hit the ball as hard as you can. This year the Legends lost the first game against the Young Guns. For the second game the teams were a little more mixed. My favorite part of the whole day wasn't when I caught the line-drive hit by my Dad or even when he told me he proud of me. No my favorite part was after J hit the ball my Dad made sure to give J a high 5. Every time I saw it I melted. I never did get a picture of it (kicking myself) but I love that I did get them talking shop in the dugout. Well the kids are in full swing of things. They are back in school after 2 wonderful weeks, and of course softball and baseball is almost every night of the week. Both kids are having a lot of fun. J more than J I think. Her team has only lost one game and that one they only lost by 1. J's team on the other hand is so disorganized, it drives J a little batty. (no pun intended) Here are my kiddos at play:

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  1. awww, I can't wait til mine are old enough to start little league and such


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