Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yeah I'm back

It's been crazy here. I've been working at the school all week on our Santa's Breakfast. Yep we're not PC. I was in charge of ticket sales. Out of the 800+ kids we have we pre-sold 503 tickets. Yep that was a fun job.

On Sunday the fam. drove up to Vegas so that J and I could see Mama Mia. I had wanted to see it so when S got free tickets he let me take J with me. While he and the other J went to Excalaber and the Luxor. J won lots of games including hitting all the jars off the box. Very cool.

Well of you haven't been watching the weather it's crazy. We woke up Monday to SNOW in VEGAS Crazy I tell ya. It didn't snow that much just a few flakes. Our plan was to go up the Efile Tower for a view of the strip. Well that was shot down due to ice. So the kids and I had a nice relaxing day while S played. Little did we know down by the Rio it was snowing like crazy. We were leaving on Tuesday to news that the highways were all closed the night before and that it snowed like crazy in Vegas. Where were we? We didn't see any of this. All we saw from our room was the Efile Tower, and the water show at the (sp) Balogio. So like I said we were leaving and just saw whilte on the other side of the freeway.

Another reason for my post is well I've been taged by Clare I chose grade school pictures. So here they are me in Kindergarden and 1st grade:

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