Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vegas Dolphins

I played in my Scrapbook room yesterday instead of facing the stores. I did a whole 2 pages whoo hoo:)

I also bought myself a new camera and printer online at Best Buy. I picked it up today and so far LOVE IT I got to play a little with it today while celebrating my brother's and his son's birthdays. I would have taken a lot more pictures but the battery wasn't fully charged.


  1. how was the party? we would have gone but by the time we got the call to go, the kids were knocked out cold.

  2. It was fun. We've never been inside the Bass Shop. WOW it's huge! They got a free picture with Santa and then we headed to the BBQ place across the way. During the wait the girls went looking at Urban Outfitter and Gap. Fun Fun Fun. After lunch we went to their house and had Cake and opened presents. Aden also got his first haircut. So funny. Wish you could have made it.


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